The picturesque village of Skelton is situated 3 miles North of York

Welcome to Skelton Parish Council

Skelton Parish Council maintains a number of green spaces in the village including The Green, Crooking Green, Orchard Field and The Pasture. Moreover, the Council provides and maintains a children's playground at Brecksfield. Skelton Cemetery, which is situated about a mile out of the village on Moor Lane, is owned and maintained by the Council. Our website includes information about Skelton village and what we do. If you can't find the information you require, please contact the Clerk.

  • The Village. Church with daffodils

    The Village with St Giles Church

  • Skelton pond with swans

    Skelton pond

  • Skelton playground

    Skelton Playground

  • St Giles church with pink blossom

    St Giles Church with spring blossom

  • Moorlands Nature Reserve in autumn

    Moorlands Nature Reserve

  • The Green looking towards the Pasture

    The Green

  • Moorlands Nature Reserve

    Moorlands Nature Reserve

  • The Pasture with spring flowers

    The Pasture in spring

  • Whitby Wood

    Whitby Wood

  • The Green

    The Green in spring

Skelton is a rural village with a picturesque historic green, overlooked by the grade I listed Church of St Giles. Historically the area formed part of the ancient Forest of Galtres and remnants can still be found in the Moorlands Nature Reserve at the eastern edge of the parish. The western boundary is formed by the river Ouse and Hurn's Gutter. Despite the village's growth over the past seventy years, with a succession of sympathetic developments, it remains characterised by its many open spaces.

Skelton Village

Working for the Community of Skelton