The picturesque village of Skelton is situated 3 miles North of York

Application forms

Reservation form

Residents of Skelton are able to reserve burial plots in the Cemetery. At the time of reservation the fee to purchase the Exclusive Rights to Burial is paid. At the time of use the interment and associated fees are charged. A reservation form can be found below. You will be asked to show that you a resident of Skelton at the times the reservation is processed.

Notice of interment

The interment form needs to be completed in order for a booking to be processed. Prior to completing the Interment Form, please contact the Burial Clerk.

Click below to access the Skelton Cemetery Interment Form. Once the form has been submitted the burial clerk will contact you to process the booking.

Grave Memorial application form

An application must be made for the erection of a memorial or to make a change to an existing memorial in Skelton Cemetery. An application is usually made by the stone mason and is signed by the person who holds the Exclusive Rights to Burial. A permit can not be approved if it has not been signed by the grave owner.

Please find a copy of the application form below.

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