The picturesque village of Skelton is situated 3 miles North of York

  • New Council Notice Board erected on wall of Village Hall to replace old and damaged board. See "News"
  • With regret, due to exceptional and unforeseen circumstances, Skelton Parish Council Coronation celebrations planned for Sunday 7th May is CANCELLED.
  • Join the Great British Spring Clean 17 March - 2nd April . See "News"
  • Councillors vacancies exist on Skelton Parish Council - Parish Elections Thursday 4th May 2023
  • Please contact us if you can't find what you are looking for.
  • Fairfield Croft residents : Look out for a new Parish Council and Community Notice Board to be erected shortly.
  • The next ordinary meeting of Skelton Parish Council will be held on Thursday 27th April 2023 at 1930 in the Village Hall.
  • The Annual Parish Assembly for Skelton Parish will be held on Thursday 27th April 2023 at 1900 in the Village Hall.

Skelton Cemetery

A Skelton Parish Council owned cemetery is situated approximately one mile Northeast of the village of Skelton on Moor Lane.

Applications to use the cemetery should be submitted to the Clerk.

Buying a Burial Plot

Burial plots in Skelton Cemetery are all single plots. If families wish to be buried in adjoining plots, they are advised to reserve an Exclusive Right of Burial in the required plots. Please note that the land remains in the ownership of the Burial Authority.

Exclusive Right of Burial

The Exclusive Right of Burial provides a lease of a burial plot or cremation plot in a cemetery or garden of remembrance for 50 years. After this period has ended the lease can be renewed by the grave-owner for a fee. Where an Exclusive Right of Burial has expired, Skelton Parish Council will try to contact any next of kin or descendants before issuing the Right of Burial to someone else. It is the responsibility of the Certificate owner to inform the Council of any change of address.

Skelton Cemetery Brochure

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